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July 21, 2014


canon 6d
50mm f1.2 L
new york

click the shutter, The MET

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July 21, 2014

Captain America needs my help. There’s no better reason to get back in.”

Samira Wiley as Sam Wilson

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July 14, 2014

Steven Yeun photographed by Joana Pak

Steven Yeun photographed by Joana Pak

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July 14, 2014
It’s not race it’s class.

-someone who’s never experienced racism (via theblackamericanprincess)

All liberal white people…

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July 13, 2014



what if “lucy” was about lucy liu casually beating up pervy white dudes instead and the story was about an asian woman who gets justice from the white men who used and abducted her. and it was an effective commentary on white imperialism, the violent commodification of asian people and asian culture by western society, the demonization of asian people, and the continuing history of violence on unwilling asian bodies especially those of asian women by white people.

what if this movie wasn’t going to be a bunch of white imperialist nonsense masquerading as something “progressive” at the expense of faceless nameless asian bodies — runnereight

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Sweet three-toed sloth of the ice planet Hoth, I CANNOT CLAP HARDER FOR THIS COMMENTARY.

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July 13, 2014


i don’t care about what trends men hate. tell me what trends women love. how do i wear my eyeliner so a girl will want to kiss me. what color lipstick makes her think about moving to a cute house on the beach with me and getting 5 dogs. do ladies like peplum dresses and platform heels or not. come on.


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July 13, 2014






Turns out Shinji was just as confused by the last two episodes of Evangelion as the rest of us.

I actually asked Spike Spencer about this rant at AMA this year.

He said he just was so annoyed with the ending as he was dubbing it that he just told them to turn the mics back on just to let him record this.

God bless.

“now, if i were to run away, let’s analyze that”

“where the FUCK would I go”


I’ve never watched NGE, but this was funny as hell.

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July 10, 2014
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July 8, 2014


Nevermind half, I'll give you all of it.

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July 8, 2014
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July 8, 2014




Just one of those things that I always wondered about. Stags and otters are all very well, but what if you end up with a tiny chameleon or giant blue whale? I mean, it could be a giant tub of nutella…

Anyway, so glad I got around to doing this pic -drawing the less attractive animals was awesome.

Popped it up on Redbubble because they have tote bags and cushions now which is just wow - can grab it also on cards or posters - check it out here!

magikarp tho

where did you get a picture of me and my magikarp

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July 6, 2014
Marginal groups making a space for themselves isn’t racist. It’s called survival.

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July 6, 2014




An important part of cinematic history.


Truly Iconic
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July 6, 2014

god, there is nothing more oppressive than people taking things too fucking seriously. like, lighten up. why do you have to provide insightful, critical, truthful observations to the table? i just want to continue to spew bullshit without any self awareness of the role I may occupy in historical and social contexts. now I’m way too uncomfortable to say anything ever because someone may actually call me out and attempt to educate me. ugh, where’d freedom of speech go? 

#people complaining tumblr is more oppresive than 4chan #please leave and go away

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July 6, 2014


one of the worst things about becoming educated on social issues is when people are like ‘you used to have a sense of humor’

no i used to have internalized prejudices which i’ve worked really hard to overcome and i realize now that your jokes are shitty