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September 30, 2014

The Knick 1x07

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September 30, 2014
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September 30, 2014

Reject the notion that you have to “contribute” to a capitalist society in order to deserve food, water, and shelter.


A human being’s worthiness of basic necessities should not be determined by their capacity to produce profit for corporations. 


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September 30, 2014

This image appears in my head whenever I encounter people who advocate self-expression through art as a form of therapy.


This image appears in my head whenever I encounter people who advocate self-expression through art as a form of therapy.

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September 29, 2014


Actual 41 year old John Cho

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September 29, 2014



Manish Dayal


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September 29, 2014

Crowd of protestors in Hong Kong.


Crowd of protestors in Hong Kong.

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September 29, 2014



I hate it when people act like anger invalidates a cause, because when it comes down to it the privileged are the only ones who can afford to remain calm. 


When the privileged are angry they’re; passionate, invested, patriotic, of spirit and righteous.

When the oppressed are angry they’re; savage, incapable of rationality, primitive, beastial, juvenile and violent.

Tone policing ain’t nothing but shifting goal posts towards dehumanization.

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September 29, 2014


whenever white cooks on tv say “asian” it really pisses me off. what part of asia is your recipe from? malaysia? bhutan? japan? cambodia? y’all know 16 different french sauces but can’t name what kind of chinese/indian food you’re making. 

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September 28, 2014
Power feminism is just another scam in which women get to play patriarchs and pretend that the power we seek and gain liberates us.

bell hooks

Let’s talk about this quote for a second.

I remember I attended a college lecture about what feminism means in America and how imperial politics and economic gaps between the West and East render what women want and consider pivotal to their feminism as conflicting and even antagonistic to each other.

My feminism, first and foremost, will always be anti-imperialism.

Imperial politics are dangerous and the very essence of narcissism. Imperial politics demonstrated within a feminist frame usually goes as follows: the most privileged women, ie. those who have access to technology, representation, occupy a particular media-friendly image or ideology and have access to those in higher slots in society are allotted platforms to speak about their experiences as women and without question, this gets presumptuously labelled “women’s experiences”. Being that women who are globally bestowed the highest tier are usually allowed such room to speak, their minimal struggles are then homogenized as the quintessential female experience and misogyny is wholeheartedly announced a tangible issue that can be easily eradicated out of modern Western society.

Its no accident that women of color, women in occupied regions and those who face mass political or economic repression and their words which don’t satisfy neoliberal, imperialist gaze are deemed anti-progressive, race baiters, backwards, terrorist apologists, etc. Our complex, multi-faceted struggles within a white supremacist empire tap into too many accepted status quos for the average American moderate. It forces those who legitimize the war on terror and view racism as an entity of the past to confront their own unsightly prejudices and the systematic brutality their nations enacts on various global societies, as well as within its borders. Its easier to find (and fabricate) any reason to demonize the likes of Trayvon Martin and his family for his own tragic demise or deem young Yemeni children necessary collateral damage for “the greater good” than to examine what other oppressions beyond misogyny exist that unquestionably burden the lives of otherized communities, including and especially the women in said communities.

Power feminism expects women to unanimously rejoice in the presidential election of Hillary Clinton, while her administration carries out the same murderous policies as her predecessors. Power feminism labels any legitimate criticism of influential women as inherent egregious misogyny. Power feminism devalues the loss of women’s lives abroad, while infantizling their independent resistance and stripping their agency by shamelessly declaring intervention as saving them. Power feminism within an imperialistic frame needs the hyper-demonization of otherized communities to justify its occupation. Power feminism can be even more dangerous than ruthless misogyny because of its insidious nature and lack of culpability.

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September 28, 2014


wow! Tibetan woman in traditional headdress and ornaments 

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September 28, 2014




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September 28, 2014


You know, Teal’c did tell me some things I learned from the Asgard knowledge base.

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September 28, 2014


Today, Ferguson is prepared to “keep it moving.”

September 28th


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September 28, 2014